Music and dancing are an important part of Hill tribe culture. The Lisu do a round dance and people of all ages, male and female partake in the dance, especially at the Lisu (Chinese) New Year which occurs around the first full moon in February and lasts five days. Couples and singles dance in what appears to be a repetitious step. However on close observation one will notice slight variations are introduced by the leader of the dance who dances in the center of the circle and plays the music, either with flute or banjo. The instruments are hand made and unique to the Lisu culture. The dancers join hands and sing a lively song in unison. It’s a gay affair and an opportunity to flirt and find a potential marriage partner for the young single folks. They all where their finest most colorful clothing with the ladies adorned with lavish silver bodices.

They also have a chanting ritual which is part of most Lisu celebrations. The men group together apart from but near a group of women. There is a lead singer in each group who improvises a song which is first sung by the women and the answered by the men, or vise versa, depending on who begins the round. The tempo is always slow and haunting, with a repetitive melody but different words with each refrain telling a story with the story line continuous and spontaneous from one group to another. It’s a very creative process which can continue on into the wee hours of the night.

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The best time to involve yourself into Lisu Culture

The New Year celebration is by far the most spectacular. It is held at the first full moon in February and lasts five days and nights. Here you will see and partake in Lisu dancing and great eating feasts.

There are many other celebrations with each religion having their special days and also weddings, births, birthdays, thanks giving, house blessings, and funerals, etc. Your chances of finding a feast happening while you are here are very high.

Cost: 1000 baht/day includes 4 hours of class time learning and experiencing Lisu culture and lifestyle, room and delicious home cooked meals.

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