The Lisu have a tradition of healing massage that has been handed down from generation to generation. We offer this unique and most relaxing massage which you will not find anywhere else in the world. It can be described as a meridian and energy balancing technique with acupressure. The therapists are very sensitive to what your body needs and adjust accordingly. Wear loose clothing, no oil is used.

This is not like Thai massage but we do offer Thai massage and Swedish oil massage as well.


Benefits of Massage:

v     Lisu massage is deeply relaxing, the technique is nurturing in effect.

v     Massage is beneficial to blood circulation, accelerating any healing process.

v     Lisu massage is nurturing, the Lisu people are very in tune to supporting people on the emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

v     It is a great way to distress and escape from all the pressure of daily life.

v     Massage will give you some biofeedback to let you know where you hold tension and help you focus on the parts of your body that need the most attention.

v     Because it focuses on the meridians Lisu massage is very balancing for the natural flow of body energy. Thus, it relaxes you on a deeper level then most massages.

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Massage Options...

You can receive a full body massage for one hour @ 200 Baht or you can sign up for a course and learn to do Lisu massage basics in three days. Longer courses are available on request. Course fees are 1000 Bt. /day. Ask about discounts for 3 people or more, or longer courses.

How to take part in Massage or the course

Contact us by email at  or call us from within Thailand at 0857211575 or o812741262 in Thailand..  We look forward to seeing you