Hill tribe craft school how to get to us

We are situated around 30 kilometres from the border Shan State of Burma now known as Myanmar and 130km north of Chiang Mai, Thailand's northern capital city.  We are just off route 1095 which is one amazingly curvy road.

The 1095 is known as the Mae Hong Son Loop.  A twisting roller coaster of a road navigating itself over a myriad of mountains made up from the Foothills of the Himalayas.  The route has more hairpin bends and switchbacks you could possibly imagine, in fact there are more than 1800 sever hairpin bends in just 200 kilometres over some of the most spectacular scenery in the Asia. We are located about one hour north of the popular tourist town of Pai.

This is Hill tribe Territory your first and memorable introduction to the Lisu!

We have listed below many of the ways to get to us.  Many of our customers have followed our guidelines to make the journey to us a  fulfilling experience. 

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From Bangkok: You can fly direct to Maehongson from Bangkok and then take a bus to Soppong(about two hours). OR Fly, bus or train to Chiang Mai and proceed  from Chiang Mai as follows:

From Chiang Mai:

1) Bus from the Arkade bus station to Soppong.  Public bus is 130 Baht, minivan is 250 Baht, 4-5 hours. OR take minivan to Pai (150 baht) and public bus to Soppong, 35 baht. The minivan is much more comfortable then the big public bus and faster.

2) Fly to Pai via SGA airlines, about Baht 1500 one way and proceed to Soppong by bus (35 baht, one hour), mini van(150 Baht, make a reservation via travel agent) or taxi (1000 Baht, negotiable).

3) Drive: you can rent a  car or motor bike in Chiang Mai or Pai and drive to Soppong if you choose. Email us for more information.

From Pai:

Proceed to Soppong by bus (35 baht, one hour), mini van(150 Baht), make a reservation via travel agent) or taxi (1000 Baht, negotiable).


From Soppong: Pleas phone us from the public phone at the bus stop in Soppong.  We will arrange for a motor bike taxi to the village (cost 20 baht, 10 minute ride).

For more information please contact us at homestay@lisuhilltribe.com or call us at 0857211575 in Thailand.



If you have the skills needed to ride a motorcycle this is probably the best option riding one of the worlds tip 10 motorcycle routes.  You can hire a Motorcycle from Chiang Mai from one of the many hire shops.