Shaman preparing healing ritual

The Lisu traditionally followed the Animist path of Spirituality which is very similar to Native American spirituality and many other aboriginal tribal beliefs.. Today many have become Buddhist or Christian. But Animism is still the dominant form of belief and has blended with the new religions in a curious mixture of rituals and ceremonies. Ceremonies are frequent and open to our home stay guests. There is a strong belief in ghosts and ancestor worship is prevalent. The people are very open and respectful of each others choice of religion. Regardless of ones beliefs they are a very loving and supportive of each other.

Visits with the traditional medicine man (Shaman) need to be arranged at least a day ahead of time. Typically a visit offers you a time to ask questions via an interpreter. If you have a health issue the Shaman my diagnose and offer a tradititional remedy or ritual to address your condition. You must agree to work with him at your own risk. Our Home stay program will not be responsible for any adverse results. The work of the Shaman is not intended to replace standard allopathic medical medicine. Consult your standard medical practitioner before undergoing any procedures with the Shaman.

Shaman's herbal steam bath

The cost for the time you spend with the Shaman and interpreter is 200 baht /hour/person, 30% discount for groups of 3 or more. If the Shaman offers to do a healing ritual or provide an herbal remedy there will be an additional charge to be negotiated with the Shaman. For example your condition may require him to gather medicinal herbs from a remote location, he may offer an herbal steam bath, or he may need to sacrifice an animal to receive information about your condition, or he may have to make an offering and pray at his alter to ask Spirit for information and guidance. You have a choice to make in regard to how to proceed.

To book time with the Shaman please email us or call  (see 'get involved' below).

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Lisu hill tribe new year celebrations

The New Year celebration is by far the most spectacular. It is held at the first full moon in February and lasts five days and nights. Here you will see and partake in Lisu dancing and great eating feasts.

There are many other celebrations with each religion having their special days and also weddings, births, birthdays, thanks giving, house blessings, and funerals, etc. Your chances of finding a feast happening while you are here are very high.

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Feel free to contact us at regarding bookings and more information on the services we and the Lisu offer here in Soppong or callus at 0857211575 in Thailand.